Apr 3, 2014

moving to

It has been since 2007 that I have been using this blog (besides Flickr) for sharing the photos I shoot at shows, but after a long time thinking about it and seeing that I was using more FB and Tumblr (before the previous account as hacked and deleted), I decided that it is time to leave this blog for a new one.

So from now on this will be the new blog address:

and Flickr:

Please, add those new addres to your bookmarks,favourites or whatever you use for follow/keep on track this blog.

Thanks for your understanding!

Feb 10, 2014


Since I moved to Germany from Spain, I was off with organizing shows.
My husband and me were willing to book shows for some bands since last year, but due several things it was not possible. But this year finally we could get it booking a show for one of the bands that best represent the european hc scene, and we both like and support: NO TURNING BACK, for celebrating the 10th anniversary of the release of DAMAGE DONE lp. Also was good to have as band supporters to RISK IT! and BLACKSTONE (young hc band from Regensburg, check them out if you into bands like BACKTRACK or so).

This show was some kinda special for me, and I really enjoyed lot (despite of some stress), the venue was full, we sold out tickets, and everybody had so much fun.
Once again, thanks to the bands and the people who came to this show and supported us.

Besides the photos we could have couple footage, one from RISK IT! and another from NO TURNING BACK. Unfortunately it was missed to record the set of BLACKSTONE.

NO TURNING BACK "DAMAGE DONE 10th anniversary" @ hängematte, Sulzbach-Rosenberg. 07/Feb/2014 from kamerafrau on Vimeo.

RISK IT! @ hängematte, sulzbach-rosenberg 07/FEB/14 from kamerafrau on Vimeo.


Jan 17, 2014

Stay punk!

2014 has started for me with a punk show, just like the way I like. I was on holidays with my crew (my husband and my little daughter) in Spain for spending the "Xmas holidays" there with the, but we also were some few days in Barcelona cause visiting my friends.
So, what a good coincidence that a good show was at same weekend we were there. Nice!

The show was last 04th January with GENERACIÓN SUICIDA from L.A. - USA, SUÏCIDAS  a very good punk band with members from Vienna and Barcelona, ARREST  punk band with some oi! influence from Barcelona and VÉRTIGO a very new band of the punk scene from Barcelona (but fortunately I arrived at the show just when this band was playing their last song, always me and my tardiness!).

Nearly with every band there was people dancing and singing, but it was most with the last two bands. Though it was a cold and rainy day outside, inside at the venue was so hot and packed (that is always at CASAL DE ROQUETES) and I miss that enviroment sometimes.


Well, also I wanna get chance to tell a couple things:
first: about my flickr accounts, sadly don't know why I can't login anymore on it. I have tried several times and it shown that my password and more personal info related with my yahoo account has been hacked, and as I have couldn't have any help from yahoo to solve the problem that account can't be used anymore, it is crappy cause it has been my main way for sharing my pictures since 2005. Anyway, I have decided to use my another account: www.flickr.com/photos/kamerafrau
This will be from now on my main and only flickr's account. If someone of you where following me on the previous flickr, please feel free to add the new one and I will follow you back, if you follow me without account or so, then put this new account in your "favourites" folder. Thanks!

second: Thanks a lot again to every single person who has shown support to the photo zine THE GIRLS HAVE THEIR SAY, I am so glad and grateful for the feedback, it was such a nice thing to see how many people was interested on it. Just left now very few copies which I want to keep for selling at shows. Then when it is sold out, it won't be any 3rd run, because I want to focus on my photo project "when hc-punk meets the skin", which if everything works out good and the way planned, hope it comes out as a book this year. Just stay tuned for the news about this!

Nov 5, 2013

hot stuff!

After a couple weeks waiting for, the copies of my new photo-zine have arrived! 
I’m so glad with the result, so the waiting was worth. 
Each copy costs 2€ plus shipping cost. It is black and white offset printed and contains 24 pages with photos of bands like LAS OTRAS, SILLA ELECTRICA, THE AVENGERS, United And Strong, We Ride, Code Orange Kids, WOLF x DOWN, RVIVR, Walls Of Jericho  and more!

For getting a copy just send an email to: xmdmxhcx(at)gmail(dot)com 

If you make fanzines, let's trade!

Oct 18, 2013

again in Conneisland/Leipzig...

Finally a hc show! I was looking forward to be at any one, and finally it was. Since I am living in this village in southern Germany, I am not able to be often at shows like when I was living in Barcelona (yes, sometimes I miss that city madly) mainly cause in this area where I live there are not often shows and I have to drive if I want to be at one, but my big problem most the times is that I have not driving license and then I depend of my husband or any friends for going somewhere. Yes, I know, I need to get the bloody driving license, period.

This show was in Leipzig, so my crew (my husband, my daughter and my brother in law)  and me drove 3 hours for this show and got the chance to visit a friends who live in this city.
It was supposed 4 bands would play that night, but WOLFXDOWN had to cancel some days before their participation due personal issues, so the line up was ANGSTBREAKER, local band from Leipzig, xBARRENx vegan sxe hc from Thuringen (eastern Germany also) and my favourite hc band from this land, or better said "Mein Lieblings DEUTSCHPUNK band": EMPOWERMENT. I just can say that sometimes is so hard when a band that I really like is playing and I am on dilemma: shooting pictures or hitting the pit, but sometimes I can do both things.

check out all photos: http://www.flickr.com/photos/xmdmxhcx/







Oct 8, 2013

what I'm "cooking"!

Nearly two months since last entry on this blog. Too much things to do lately plus a little girl of 15 months old who is like a Taz demon plus that I have not been able to go to shows lately = sometimes not time for up-dating.

But during these weeks I have been working on two of my projects, and if nothing bad happens, one will coming out in couple weeks. It is a photo fanzine which contains all photos with female members of hc -punk bands. After several years doing a fanzine called CLITOCORE ZINE which was related with the female roles into the hc-punk scene, and another one more focused on sxe and hc-punk and metal, I wanted to do something new for keeping the feeling and love for fanzines alive.

It consists in a fanzine of A5 format with around 24 pages. Some of the bands featuring are: WALLS OF JERICHO, THE AVENGERS, LAS OTRAS, WE RIDE, RVIVR, CODE ORANGE KIDS, REACHING HAND, WOLFXDOWN, SILLA ELECTRICA and many more!

As soon as I get the copies fron the print company, I will confirm the price, but I guest it will cost around 2 o 3 euros plus shipping costs (depending of your location), for any info or order it just send an email to: xmdmxhcx(at)gmail(dot)com

Aug 5, 2013


Just right after coming back from 2 weeks of summer holidays in Barcelona and Murcia (Spain) visiting family and friends, did a small backpack and went to Czech Republic for two days at FLUFF FEST.

Two hours driving, having some technical problems with the car, but just arrived on time when VIOLENT REACTION started to play, second time seeing these guys playing cause I saw them in Barcelona last 14th July, and also at the fest they killed it as well as HOUNDS OF HATE (though in my opinion I've would rather to see them at the tent stage, instead of the main stage). Next on the list of bands I liked: SECTARIAN VIOLENCE (I just can say: madness in the pit, I loved it!) and HARM'S WAY. I missed COKE BUST and the other bands due that me and my buddies had to search for a place where we could camping and built a huge tent. Imagine three people who hate camping building a tent which was big as an auto. So, I finished the 1st day of the fest with the DISCO PARTY at the tent stage. Such a cool time I had. Dancing nearly all night long, sometimes with nice company and sometimes dancing with myself. Ryan, from AS WE WERE, did a good job as Dj. Everybody shaking their asses and sweating like in a sauna.

Saturday was somekinda "relaxing" day, trying to rest standing in the shadows cause the heat was killer; in the tent it was impossible to be, it was like being in an oven. So what I did: talking with friends, checking out distros, eating vegan burgers. Bands that were good to see this day: EN MI DEFENSA, GOVERMENT FLU, REMISSION, REFLECTIONS, VOWELS, WOLFXDOWN (people going psycho singingalong and stagediving with this band), VITAMIN X (the fun is always present with these guys, the stage invasion and huge wall of death were amazing!). This night not much party cause my knee and right leg were fucking me up. So, at midnight went straight to sleep.

Sunday early morning packing everything and left the festival. It was a pity that I had to left, cause this day I missed to see OATHBREAKER. I had such a great time meeting old friends from several countries, mainly the ones that I just knew via internet and then after many years we had the chance to see us in person. Making new friends was also joyful. 

Without doubt this is still my favourite kind of* HC-PUNK festival, not like others that have fucking energy drinks or any crappy sponsors, show girls "for the public's entertainment", FUCKING BARRICADES and bodyguards in front of the stage, shitty press passes. etc.

So, till next year ROKYCANY!

All photos available on this album on flickr:















The End

Jun 25, 2013


What a bummed moment you can have when you have been planning for several weeks go to a show with some bands that you love to see at live, but for some reasons you skipped the time of buying tickets in advance and then you realized just one day before of the show that it is totally sold out.
Bummed without doubt, mainly if you have been several days not in good mood for personal reasons.
So you try some ways to find out how to get tickets, ask for help and then a friend help you out doing his possible (If you are reading this, Scott, one more time: THANKS A LOT KID!).

The show was an indoor fest and it was such an great injection of "vitamin HC" (as sometimes i call it). Meeting people, some buddies from another german cities, as well as meeting some new ones. Shooting photos as well as stagediving and singingalong, ALL THAT I NEED for making the blues away! Despite that during TERROR's set, I had a bad moment while I was stagediving, there was an asshole who grabbed my vagina with very bad intention, those bigots who do that kind of things makes me sick, taking chance while girls are into the pit for their fucking morbid/chauvanist things, that bullshit do not belong to the hc-punk scene!

Check out the all photos posted on Flickr: www.flickr.com/photos/xmdmxhcx
(no facebook, the up-loading service and image quality are crappy)








Btw, I have another blog called YOUR PARENTS HC! and at this fest I had the chance to conduct a brief video interview with Lou Koller and Armand Majidi, we had a cool talk about how they deal with being in a hc-punk band their parenting. So check out that blog on next days!